Best Budget 70 Inch TV Of 2017 (Top 5 Reviewed)

Plenty of people hope to enjoy the fun of movie theaters in your own home—high definition and big screen, shocking sound effects and free tickets. Actually, you can get all of these from the best 70 inch TV with far less money.

But, whatever TV you’re finding, the best 70 inch smart tv, the best 70 inch 4k tv or best cheap 70 inch tv, as a newbie in selection, you’ll have to struggle with amounts of technical details.Then how can you make this search be an enjoyable travel, not a torture of energy and time? Let’s start your journey and find the answer right with our overview about the main features of TV to consider.

Best Budget 70 Inch TV oF 2017

From AmazonModleRefresh RateResolutionSizeFind Budget


Samsung UN70KU6300

120HZ4K UHD70 Inch



best 70 inch tv

Samsung UN70KU630DF

120HZ3840 x 216070 Inch



best 70 inch tv

Sharp LC-70UQ17U

240Hz 3840 x 216070 Inch



best 70 inch tv

LG 70UH6350

240Hz 3840 x 216070 Inch



best 70 inch tv

VIZIO D70-D3 70"

120HZ1920 x 108070 Inch


To help you fast and efficiently grasp the keys about selecting best 70 inch TV, we picked out the following pivotal information from amounts of product introduction, customer reviews and price analysis. Whatever TV you want, best 70 inch smart tv, best 70 inch 4k tv or best budget 70 inch tv, you can get answers in the comparison chart. More importantly, the products in the chart always keep updated.

Tips for Picking Your Best 70 Inch TV

Let’s face it. Most of the TVs are just too expensive for us. Some may question that is that totally necessary to buy such an expensive TV just for entertainment. That’s why we’ve collected the best discounted 70 inch TVs. Every TV set here has been endowed with perfect function. They enjoy lifelike pictures, high resolution, built-in WIFI as well as other significant devices. All you need is just to pick up the one you like and we are going to give you the most reasonable prices.

Buying a best 70 inch TV involves lots of choices, some of which may be new to you. So this TV buying tips organizes the process into logical, clear steps to help you make a smart decision.

Make budget

It is wise to create a budget before buying anything, for over spending can lead to cistomer’s remorse. The following TVs we found can fit most people.

Understand the differences between types of TVs

Only when you understand the differences between tyoes of TVs can you kwon what really meet your needs. Whatever LED or 4K TV, there must be one for you.

Compare primary features—contrast ratios, power, screen resolution,

If you want super large TV with 70 inch screen to appear high picture quality, great features like the contrast rations, screen resolution, refresh rate, ways of handling fast motion and so on, should be given serious consideration .

Quick Tips When Picking A TV

Sometimes, picking up a TV is a sweet torture. While you are dreaming of the happy time you spend with your family members sitting in front of TV, you have to deal with the thousands of choices and pick up the best one from it in the first place. Here are three tips for you which you may need during the purchasing.

Big screen is a must instead of an alternative. While somebody may hold the opinion that the small ones are the essence. However, this is wrong in many levels when you picking up a TV. Compared with the small ones, big screens enjoy high resolution, vibrant colors and high clarity. Having a TV with a big screen at home is absolutely an awesome thing.

It is important to go over the customer reviews on the Internet. While it is impossible to get every detail you want to know about the product via the published specs, going over the customer reviews on the Internet is a wonderful choice. Acknowledging every detail you need and then make a wise decision.

UHD TVs are the best. There are two reasons why you need to buy a UHD TV. Firstly, it would give you incredible acoustic experience. Secondly, the lifelike pictures will make you feel that you are on the scene the TV shows. This represents as the perfect choice for the movie fanciers and music fanciers.

Once you follow above process, no blandishment can mislead you to make wrong choice.

Best Budget 70 Inch TV Of 2017 (Top 5 Reviewed)

VIZIO E70-C3 1080p 70-Inch Smart LED HDTV

Best Budget 70 Inch TV Of 2016As for the VIZIO E70-C3, in addition to that price is one of the most attractive features, a brilliant picture quality, new and modern design, and easier-to-use smart TV experience are also impressive. It features full-array LED backlight, VIZIO Internet Apps plus, 16 active LED zones, clear action 480 and built-in Wi-Fi. You can enjoy premium HD entertainment with the all-new E-Series at an incredible value.if you are looking for an entru level TV, the Vizio E70 is an excellent choice.


  • Very thin framing bezel
  • LED backlighting great during indirect daylight
  • Easy to set up on wall mount or a TV stand thanks to the lightweight build
  • The 2X 10 watt speakers are loud enough to fill a room
  • The many different picture modes all have their own strong suits
  • The Black Detail feature improve black saturation and boosts contrast

Reasons to Buy

  1.  Beautifully Brilliant—1080p Full HD, Active LED Zones, Clear Action 240 and 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate.
  2. Exceptional Performance— Generate an impressive 5 Million-to-1 contrast ratio, more color consistency and sharper detail.
  3. Quicker & Smarter — Quicklier and more easily access the apps you love
  4. The favorite of customers—Nearly six hundred sales in five months on

Price Analysis

Compared to other big-name brands, the VIZIO not only has brilliant quality but also owns friendly price. What’s better, the E70-C3 now only cost under 1300 dollars on, lower than its official price.

VIZIO M70-C3 4K Ultra HD 70-Inch Smart LED HDTV

Best 70 Inch 4K TV As a value oriented 70-inch 4K UHD LED TV, the Vizio M70-C3 is what you may be eagerly awaiting.Compared to the 64 on the P-series 4K Vizio, it has 32 active zones of full array backlighting. And the Clear Action Rate is also cut to 360 on the M70-C3 from 960 on the P-series. However, it has on doubt that there have been some nice technological improvements inside this TV, especially in the all significant upscaling area. Besides, Vizio’s new spacial scaling engine get much more improvement for this year.

Customer review

I seriously fall in love with the VIZIO M70-C3! This model blows away the older series in every aspect. The 4k looks amazing. Brightness, Black levels, Color are incredible, and it’s also has a cooler looking thinner bezel.

Sony XBR70X850B 4K Ultra HD 70-Inch 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

Best 70 Inch 3D TVThe Sony XBR70X850B is what I recommend to those who are looking for huge format screens with lots of top tier picture quality features. By equipping with 120Hz Refresh Rate, 3D Technology, 4K revolution with more clarity than HD and Sony’s widest color spectrum ever created, this best 70 inch 4k tv delivers true-to-life colors pop, display technology with stunning vibrancy. Besides, built-in One-Flick remote provides a shortcut menu to your favorite videos on YouTube and more .

Customer review

The color is beautiful, bright, and motion is smooth. There isn’t amounts of 4K content out there, yet from what I can watch on this unit, this Sony TV handles 4K wonderfully.

 VIZIO E70-C3 70-Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV

Best 70 Inch TVYou would experience a intuitive and simplified TV which has quality pictures. The faster processor just powers all the improved performance. This TV enjoys 1080p full high definition. Well over 2 million screen pixels have been combined to form the 1080 full HD. Besides, the lifelike pictures just give you wonderful viewing experience.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

This TV is cool and the price is a real bargain for this TV. The picture is awesome and the design is perfect, even in details.

VIZIO M70-C3 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

Best Budget 70 Inch TV

What Current Owners Said On

This is a UHD TV, which is already far enough to talk you into buying. Besides, the beautiful design and powerful performance just provide you with a wonderful acoustic and viewing trip. Every customer would love it for sure. This design is an art.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

Seriously, I really love this TV. I thing I’ve made a wise decision.

Sharp LC-70LE660 70-Inch Aquos 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

Sharp LC-70LE660 70-Inch Aquos 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TVThus one is the best selling of Sharp. It delivers the highest standard of picture quality. With the unique design and the cutting-edge lines, every customer is going to love what it looks like. The details of the TV are also amazing. The consistent color just gives you a superb viewing experience.

Customer Reviews on Amazon

This TV is just quite outstanding. I bought it for a year and it works pretty well. I did not want to change it. I personally think I would buy a new one if this one broken down one day. I just love it.

Why I recommend best discounted 70 inch TVs?

The most advanced ones, more than likely, are the most expensive ones. It is perfectly natural that some may complain over the prices of the TV sets. That’s the reason why we’ve collected the best discounted 70 inch TVs. They have wonderful quality and reasonable prices. Apart from the prices, the quality pictures and the wonderful sound effect are also the drives to persuade the customers into buying. With such TVs at home, even the music listening or the movie watching has become a fantastic thing.

My advice

A little technical improvement would require much money. So compared to the top-level TV priced high, above 5 Best 70 inch tv just perform a liitle poor but in general, it is still in high quality than most TVs. Anyone of them won’t let you down!

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